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The best place to book accommodation for your Balian surfing holiday. Whether you are looking for a private Villa, Hotel room, or a home-stay, we can sort you out! If you found Balian by accident on the web, then you are very lucky! Balian seems to be a place that most people just stumble upon, and once here, they donít want to leave! Youíll understand what I am talking about if you make it out this way. The Balian surf is one of the most consistent spots on the Island. So take a moment and have a look at the various links below! Lets us put you in the perfect place!



Hotels & Home-stays

  • Since Balian offers many options for Hotels and Home-stays, we cannot list them all. Please drop us an email with what you are looking for. The more information you give us, the faster and easier we can accommodate you in Balian.